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Band E-Mail Lists

We encourage both students and parents to sign up to receive weekly updates, schedules and information via e-mail!  Be sure to check your spam and junk mail folders for incoming messages.  Much of the information sent out can also be found on our website announcements or blog.

General Olathe North Band E-Mail List:

F.A.M.E. Parent Booster Group E-Mail List:

Band E-mail Lists
App User


In order to send quick updates and information to our students' and parents' mobile devices, we utilize the BAND App.  We generally use this app for quicker communication to students and parents.  This includes marching band schedules, event information, location or time changes, assignment reminders, sign up forms, etc.  We do also include our weekly updates and have our calendar linked to the app..  


Please use your favorite App Store to search for the 'BAND App' and download the app, then search for Olathe North Band to add yourself to the class. 

Remind App & Text Alerts
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